Sacred Heart School is a catholic elementary school serving the spiritual and educational needs of children in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Eight for over 140 years.   Our mission is to promote strong academic, moral, religious, and spiritual values in our students that will last a lifetime.  We strive to foster each child to actualize his or her unique gifts and talents within the environment of faith development and academic excellence.  We instruct students in the process of becoming life-long learners capable of confronting the challenges of a rapidly changing world.   

Sacred Heart School administration, faculty, and staff work in the belief that all children are sacred children of God.  Our mission is “to teach all with Christian goodness” – Docentes Omnia Cum Pietate Christiana.

This school community provides a safe learning environment in which children feel honored and their rights of expression, individuality, and differences are celebrated.  Students of Sacred heart develop a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on Christian beliefs.

Through excellence in teaching and learning, children are empowered to develop their potential and lead extraordinary lives in the service of their community and the world.




May Calendar Raffle Winners



Thank you to those who donated their winnings back to our school!

May 1


May 2


May 3


May 4


May 5

 Louis Parisi

May 6

Maria Cano

May 7

 Rebeca Sayers

May 8

 Kathy Dory

May 9

 Anne Gould

May 10

 Jennifer Bond

May 11

 Melina Gontha

May 12

 Carolyn King

May 13

 Jennifer Bond

May 14

 Sheila Jones

May 15

 Kristy Hoey

May 16

 Melina Gontha

May 17

 Gladys Carter

May 18

 Jean Staniland

May 19

 Rebeca Sayers

May 20

 Norma Hernandez

May 21

 Peter Barry

May 22

 Christina Penna

May 23

 Alexandria Teryek

May 24

Tanya Wenzel

May 25

 Francine Rizzuto

May 26

 Anthony Scalcione

May 27

 Peter Barry

May 28

 Vincent DeRosa

May 29

 Dolce Laria

May 30

 Vincent DeRosa

May 31

 Dawn Grosso

Ms. Celeste Catalano, Principal

Fr. Eric Rapaglia, Pastor

301 North Burgher Ave.

Staten Island, NY 10310 

Phone (718) 442-0347

Fax (718) 442-6978